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The Art History program provides high-quality undergraduate and graduate education for scholars and viewers of art through its variety of course offerings. Moreover, exhibitions at the SFA galleries and bus trips to museums and galleries provide vital opportunities to experience art firsthand. Since 1997 the Art History program has offered the BA in art history that prepares undergraduates for graduate education in the liberal arts and careers as art historians, critics, curators and librarians.

Art History Faculty

Area Advisor

Jill Carrington
Office: AR117
Phone: 936.468.4351
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David Lewis
Office: AR102
Phone: 936.468.4328
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Art History Faculty

Name: Office: Phone: Email:
Jill Carrington AR117 936.468.4351 send email
Julie King 936.468.4804 send email
Ron King AS130C 936.468.4416 send email
David Lewis AR102 936.468.4328 send email
Aloma Marquis AR123B 936.468.2694 send email
Scott Runnels AR123P 936.468.6265 send email