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Filmmaking is a course of study that leads to a professional career in film. Students wishing to pursue this field will first take ART 212, Art Film/Video Production. In this class, students work with video cameras and digital editors to explore the art of telling a story in a visual/audio manner. In this class, students are able to discern if this is the area of study they should pursue. Following this class, students take ART 412, Advanced Art Film/Video Production. This class can be repeated six (6) times and again repeated under ART 491, Special Problems in Art. For students whose art concentration is in Filmmaking, this process enables them to take a film class each semester of their college career. Filmmaking covers the areas of pre-production, production, and post-production. In pre-production studies, students learn script writing, budgeting, how to procure locations and props, and how to cast and rehearse actors. In production studies, students learn about film and video cameras, lighting, sound and production techniques. They also learn the different jobs of the production crews, from grip to director. In post-production studies students learn to work with professional labs, do digital editing, looping and audio sweating. Filmmaking covers all aspects of film/video production, including feature films, documentaries, commercials, industrial and art films.

Filmmaking has been taught at SFA for over 20 years. It has graduated hundreds of students who are working in all aspects of the professional field throughout the country. Students who graduate are totally prepared to work within this field. Our reputation as a film/video school is outstanding and well-known within the vocation. William Arscott heads this program and has been honored by the Stephen F. Austin Board of Regents as an outstanding teacher by naming him a Regents Professor in 1984-’85.

Filmmaking Faculty

Area Advisor

William E. Arscott
Office: East Starr
Phone: 936.468.1479

Filmmaking Faculty

Name: Office: Phone: Email:
William E. Arscott East Starr 936.468.1479
Brad Maule East Starr 936.468.1479
Peyton Paulette East Starr 936.468.1479