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The photography program builds upon a solid foundation of the fine art image. Projects are designed to stimulate creative thinking and image making to address issues of idea development, thematic and sequential images, alternative photographic processes, and non-traditional methods of printmaking. Course instruction focuses on not only print quality and technique but also visual esthetics and dynamics of design and composition. Students strive to refine black and white film processing and darkroom printing, while also exploring the view camera, alternative processes and book making.

Photography Faculty

Area Advisor

Christopher K. Talbot
Office: AR101
Phone: 936.468.4443
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Elaine Bezold
Office: AR123A
Phone: 936.468.1797
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Photography Faculty

Name: Office: Phone: Email:
Elaine Bezold AR123A 936.468.1797 send email
Neal Cox AR133A 936.468.4563 send email
Christopher K. Talbot AR101 936.468.4443 send email